The MARQUIS borrows from over 25 years of concert recording experience with serious headphone monitoring to produce an amplifier with unparalleled transparency and effortless realism.


Une dernière et splendide série de miniguns pour clôturer cette série. Tout inox , la matière sublimée.

A last and splendid series of miniguns to close this series. All stainless steel, sublimated matter.

Bulletresistant hoodie with real alligator leather

Bastard protected clothes designed by Department Of Opulence and A. C’Machoff. Tested personally by Department Of Protection Chief Igor “Sniper” Ristolainen. Our unique and uberlight and flexible armor make us some kilogramms ahead before collegues.

black face cover
Opulence Face Accessory

DARTZ accepts challenge from Lamborghini, AMG and other colleagues who in these hard times decided to make face covers.Opulence from DARTZ – new creation of our #departmentofopulence

Available in all colors. First batch – Python. Includes 5 additional washable inserts.

Outside Python and double tnt lined filter from inside, certified by the Ministry of Health of Italy.

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Desirable  accessories personalised to your liking. 

Desirable  accessories personalised to your liking.