Worlds Most Expensive RussoBaltique Vodka The Drink Edition

When it comes to Vodka, one can almost blindly trust the Russians for quality and variety. While most of their brands are known and sampled, only a privileged few have tried Russo-Baltique, the world’s most expensive vodka. Created by Russian car maker DARTZ MotorZ – inhertor ofRusso-Baltique, the premium vodka is priced at a staggering $1.3 million per bottle. Yes, your choices are to buy a home or 10 or a bottle of some fine Russo-Baltique vodka!

The vodka created to “woo Russian royalty, tycoons, and wealthy aficionados worldwide,” was premiered at the Top Marques at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco at 2oo9, where Prince Albert of Monaco was presented with the very first bottle. The vodka also made its television premiere with the popular American drama series, House of Cards (season 3), where the Russo-Baltique was gifted by the Russian President Victor Petrov to President Frank Underwood at a state dinner, teaching the Americans a Russian vodka drinking ritual.


Worlds Most Expensive RussoBaltique Vodka The Drink Edition

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